Business Insurance

Buy Business Insurance in Meadville, PA, NY, OH, and NC through an Experienced Independent Agency

Business Owners Package Insurance

Buy Businessowners Package Policies (BOP) in PA, NY, OH, and NC

Our goal at TL Robertson Insurance Agency is to provide our clients with business insurance in PA, NY, OH, and NC that covers them adequately, is offered at a competitive price, and is structured as simply as possible. One of the ways we can do this for many clients is through something called a Businessowners Package Policy or BOP. If your business is eligible for a BOP, it can be the perfect coverage solution to protect your business property, office space, liability needs, and potentially more. While some businesses are ineligible for BOP solutions, we find this product to be accessible to many businesses like restaurants, professional services entities, and other main street style companies. We have helped clients for decades to buy BOP Insurance and will be able to let you know if that policy type or another of our coverage solutions will be the right fit for your company.
Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Coverage in Meadville, PA and Beyond

There is a wide range of commercial properties that require standalone commercial property coverage. The reasons standalone property coverage may be needed include the size or value of the property, its occupancy, its location, and more. Some of the commercial properties that we can help you acquire coverage for include storefronts, mixed use properties, vacant buildings, and more. Whether you are considering the purchase of a commercial building or want to shop your coverage around to make sure you are getting the best offer, we will be able to work with you. Our team will work to assess your coverage needs and preferences, discuss current and expected future use of your commercial building(s), and then begin the process of applying for commercial property insurance in PA, NY, OH, and NC on your behalf. If you have an existing policy or a recent property appraisal, that will help us during the quoting process, but you can always contact the TL Robertson Insurance Agency team for a preliminary discussion before providing additional information.
Builder’s Risk Insurance

Builder’s Risk Insurance

If you have a commercial building that is being built, renovated, or repaired, it is vital that the right insurance be in place. With Builder’s Risk insurance in PA, NY, OH, and NC that you can acquire through TL Robertson Insurance Agency, you can ensure that your property is insured for potential damage, and your business is insured for potential lawsuits. The list of things that can go wrong during construction or renovation work can range from severe weather and theft to fires and slip and fall injuries. Thankfully, Builder’s Risk insurance is designed to protect your bank account from direct loss due to all of this and more. This important coverage is available through our independent agency and can be structured in a range of ways to best suit the job and your needs. We invite you to contact us to discuss your builder’s risk insurance needs with a licensed member of our team who will know the right questions to ask to help get you set up with the right coverage at the right price.
Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance in PA, NY, OH, and NC

There are two important aspects to consider when buying Commercial Auto Insurance: your state’s legal requirements and your company’s needs. Many commercial auto insurance buyers are familiar with the minimum liability coverage limits that their home state demands, but these limits are often vastly below the average amount claimed in liability lawsuits. So, if your home state’s legally mandated commercial auto liability insurance limits might be too low for your company’s needs, what can you do? You can contact the TL Robertson Insurance Agency team to request Commercial Auto Insurance quotes from one or more of our top-rated Carrier partners. The process of working with our independent insurance agency in Meadville, PA is always painless, informative, efficient, and helpful. As an independent agency, we represent you, our client, and negotiate competitive Commercial Auto Insurance quotes on your behalf, so you can always trust that we are working to get you the best deal. Contact us today to request quotes and see if we can help you become better protected at a great price.
General Liability Insurance

Buy Commercial General Liability Insurance that Meets Your Company’s Needs

In American lawsuits can seemingly arise out of thin air, and when they do you never want to pay for them out of pocket. This is why Commercial General Liability Insurance in PA, NY, OH, and NC is so important to purchase and maintain. Not only is Commercial General Liability aka CGL Insurance so important to acquire, but it is important to make sure the coverage your business has is covering your full exposure to lawsuits, such as those arising from slip and fall or product related injuries. For example, some policies may seem adequate but do not cover all your properties, exclude personal injury lawsuits (e.g., libel and slander), and more. This makes it vital to work with a team that has been trusted for decades to help business get set up with CGL Insurance that protects them as fully as possible. A licensed member of our team will be glad to review your existing CGL policy if you have one and make recommendations for improvement in both your coverage quality and pricing, when possible. Reach out to our experienced team of independent insurance brokers today to find out how we can help your business with your Commercial General Liability coverage needs.
Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial Umbrella Insurance in PA, NY, OH, and NC is a Valuable Coverage

Do you have Commercial Auto Insurance and Commercial General Liability Insurance in place but worry that the limits you have acquired may not cover your business fully in the event of a lawsuit? There is an insurance policy designed to solve this problem and our team of independent brokers can help you acquire it. Umbrella Insurance in PA, NY, OH, and NC is the solution you need to increase the amount of liability coverage you have to protect your business, and it can be surprisingly affordable depending on your operations. Commercial auto and general liability coverage is important to acquire but the limits of these policies are often capped at $1,000,000 or less per loss. It does not take much for a lawsuit to exceed these limits, but if you acquire Umbrella Insurance through our independent agency, you can have more coverage to tap into to handle your company’s legal defense and any potential future settlements. It is never fun to think about getting sued, especially if you operate an honest and responsible business, but having solid coverage in place can ensure that a suit never takes down your business.
Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation insurance is highly regulated and comes with complexities like classifying employees, dealing with payroll audits, and other decisions like how much Employer’s Liability insurance to purchase. While these complexities are unavoidable, working with an experienced insurance broker can help them make sense and be resolved easily. Our independent insurance agency is well versed in the many nuances of Workers Compensation insurance in PA, NY, OH, and NC, and we welcome the chance to both quote your coverage and advise you on ways to ensure you are paying the right amount. Workers Compensation laws can vary by state to state, and whether your business operates in just one state or many, it is important to understand your obligations and how to properly classify your employees to avoid overpayments as well as large premium increases following annual audits. If you want to simplify your company’s Workers Compensation coverage, contact TL Robertson Insurance Agency today to learn the many ways we can help.