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Auto Insurance

Buy Personal Auto Insurance in PA, NY, OH, and NC

Purchasing auto insurance at state specified minimum limits is a legal requirement. However, these state minimums do not necessarily reflect how much coverage you and your car(s) need for lawsuits and physical damage. By working with the highly experienced TL Robertson Insurance Agency team, you can get assistance in determining adequate auto insurance limits and deductibles. By discussing your needs and preferences with a licensed broker on our team, we will have the information needed to seek quotes from top-rated auto insurance carriers in PA, NY, OH, and NC. As an independent insurance agency, we represent clients and negotiate with our Carriers to obtain competitively priced personal auto insurance offers on their behalf. If you are looking for insurance on your first automobile or have coverage in place and want to seek competitive offers, our team can help. By contacting us today, we can begin the process of getting to know you and your needs and seeking affordable auto insurance with high quality coverage terms on your behalf.
Homeowners Insurance

Homeowner Insurance in PA, NY, OH, and NC

Whether you have a home, condo, or rent, having adequate insurance is crucial. For more than 90 years, TL Robertson Insurance Agency has been serving clients from our Meadville, PA headquarters. We now offer exceptional homeowner insurance in PA, NY, OH, and NC from highly regarded insurance Carriers. The licensed independent insurance brokers on our team are well-versed in helping clients calculate adequate homeowner coverage limits and working to negotiate competitive offers from our network of Carriers. From coverage for starter homes to high value home insurance, we have the Carriers and knowledge needed to get you set up with insurance that will adequately protect your home and yourself from liability related lawsuits. We also offer co-op and condominium insurance as well as renters insurance. Our goal is to provide you with the best available coverage solutions for your dwelling and our experience coupled with our carrier relationships help us to do so. Working with us to buy homeowner insurance is a quick and painless process, which you can begin by contacting us today.
Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal Umbrella Insurance

When you work with our team of licensed insurance professionals, you will be able to get home and auto insurance that provides significant liability coverage limits. However, given America’s quick-to-sue legal environment, these limits can prove to be inadequate should you get into an accident, experience a slip and fall accident on your property, or have your pet bite someone. If someone experiences a physical or personal injury and views you as the cause, a large lawsuit can be filed against you. While this will always be unpleasant, and while you may not genuinely be at fault from your perspective, there is an insurance solution that can avoid you having to experience out of pocket expenses. By buying personal umbrella insurance in PA, NY, OH, and NC, you can add significantly to the liability limits you purchase on your home insurance, auto insurance, or watercraft insurance policy. An umbrella insurance policy is designed to provide additional liability coverage to pay toward legal defense, a lawsuit settlement, or even a jury verdict should one occur. This coverage is surprisingly affordable despite how much coverage it provides, and you can contact us for a quote to learn more specifics.
Boat & Marine Insurance

Boat and Watercraft Insurance in PA

If you love getting out on the water on your boat or jet ski, having the right insurance protection is important. Thankfully, our team of licensed insurance brokers can help you acquire this at a great price and from a reputable insurance carrier. Our team knows the intricacies of properly insuring boats and other watercraft, and this means knowing how to set reasonable coverage limits and deductibles for your policy. We have deep experience helping clients acquire watercraft insurance in PA, NY, OH, and NC, and this coverage will be able to suit you whether it is a lake, river, or the ocean that you are going to be enjoying your watercraft on. We invite you to contact us to speak with a member of our licensed team of watercraft insurance experts. We will be able to get to know you if you are not yet a client, assess your needs and coverage preferences, and begin the process of applying for coverage from one of our trusted Carriers.
Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance in PA, NY, OH, and NC from Top Carriers

Does hitting the open road on your bike number among your favorite experiences? If so, having the right motorcycle insurance in PA, NY, OH or NC from a highly rated Carrier is important. By contacting the TL Robertson Insurance Agency team, you will be able to acquire coverage on a new motorcycle or shop your existing coverage to see what competitive offers we can obtain on your behalf. As an independent motorcycle insurance agency, we go to work on your behalf coverage with adequate limits for your needs and a competitive premium. Whether you only have a motorcycle or want to package its coverage with your car or cars, we have solutions to offer. The process of applying for quotes is easy and begins with a friendly discussion with a member of our licensed team. You can contact us today so we can learn more about you and your bike and get to work helping you find motorcycle insurance in PA, NY, OH, or NC.
Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance Brokers in Meadville, PA

One of the most confused aspects of home, condominium, and renters insurance is that it does not include flood coverage by default. While some water related claims will be covered on these policies and while many refer to events like a pipe burst as a flood of water, this does not legally define a flood. Understanding the difference between flood cover and standard water damage insurance is important if you want to ensure your dwelling and belongings are properly insured. The good news is that the licensed insurance brokers at TL Robertson Insurance Agency in Meadville, PA are here to make your coverage less confusing and technical. We can help you buy flood insurance in PA, NY, NY, and NC from reputable carriers. Having adequate flood insurance can be the difference between you dealing with a massive out-of-pocket payout after torrential rain or a storm surge and having insurance pay for most of the damage.
Valuable Items Insurance

Valuable Items Insurance for Jewelry, Art, and More

Did you know that a standard homeowner policy has low limits for lost, stolen, or damaged jewelry and other valuables? While this may be inconvenient, the good news is that you can adequately cover your rings, necklaces, watches and more. By purchasing valuable items insurance, you can ensure that your most treasured belongings have the right coverage. One of the great things about valuable items coverage is that there are multiple ways to structure it. For example, you can list each valuable item you own and insure it for an appraised or agreed value or you can opt for what is known as blanket coverage. Blanket valuable items insurance provides one limit for your total collection of valuables with a maximum single item limit that is estimated to protect the most valuable item you own, such as an engagement ring or a valuable painting. Combining both inventoried and blanket coverage is often doable as well. Not only are there flexible ways to structure your valuable items insurance in PA, NY, OH, and NC, but also where you insure it. Depending on your collection’s size and your current homeowner, condominium, renters insurance carrier, you may be able to add coverage to your existing policy for your valuables via endorsement or via a standalone collections policy. To begin discussing your valuable items coverage needs and determining the best way to cover your jewelry and more, you can contact us.
Recreational Motor Vehicle Insurance

Recreational Motor Vehicle Insurance for ATVs and More

Knowing the amount of liability coverage you are legally required to maintain for recreational motor vehicles like ATVs and Side-by-Sides can be confusing. Laws can vary between states and coverage needs can depend upon whether an offroad vehicle is registered, used on public roads, and other factors. This makes it especially important to discuss your coverage needs with a licensed broker. By working with our team, you can determine both your legal obligations to purchase insurance and the amount of coverage that will best suit you and your lifestyle. Also making it beneficial to work with a broker to buy recreational motor vehicle insurance in PA, NY, OH, and NC is the fact that this coverage can often be acquired in a few ways such as via a homeowner policy or a policy endorsement, an automobile policy, and more. Once we understand your recreational motor vehicle(s) and how you use them, it will be easy to begin applying for the insurance you and your rec vehicles need or seeking to beat your current rates and coverage.